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The murder of Ilan Halimi and the malaise of the multiculturalist left (February 2006)
Article mis en ligne le 13 novembre 2023

INTRODUCTORY NOTE : this text was written 17 years ago, in February 2006, and it shows that the left has been denying the existence of antisemitism in France for a long time and that this attitude has nothing to do with the socalled “Israelo-Palestinian” conflict. At the time I criticised multiculturalism as a reactionary and bourgeois ideology that only served to divide the workers of different cultures and nations as if the working people were incapable of building together a universalist culture on their own. Today I would not use the word “multiculturalist” but “ identitarian ” or “ left identitarian ” as identity politics has replaced or merged with multiculturalism as the dominant ideology of the left.