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On some deceptive “reasoning”of the Hamas-compatible left
Article mis en ligne le 19 décembre 2023
dernière modification le 20 décembre 2023

I have tried to summarise below some of the main "arguments" circulating within the Hamas-compatible left. For years this left has tried to hide the anti-working-class and anti-communist character of the various tendencies of political Islam and Muslim fundamentalism . Of course, these sophisms are not carved in stone ; depending on the circumstances, the same arguments can sometimes be abandoned by their supporters, sometimes fiercely defended ; and they do not stem from any coherent historical and political reflection – at least, not from the point of view of the struggle against capitalist exploitation.

What has been most striking since 7 October 2023, although it obviously began long before this mass massacre, is the ideological and ethical convergence (usually unacknowledged) between "progressive" academics, far-left groups, anti-Zionist Jews and associations "supporting" Palestine, a convergence that aims to excuse the crimes of Hamas, since they were and will be committed, as the case may be, by "resistance fighters", "colonized people" or even by the entire Palestinian "people".

Let’s be clear : any denunciation of Israeli war crimes (at least 18,000 dead and tens of thousands injured on 15 December 2023), any denunciation of Israeli war crimes that plays down the significance of the anti-Semitic massacre of 7 October 2023 is tantamount to Holocaust denial – even if it is cloaked in a "left" or "feminist" veneer .

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