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Ten tips to spot and fight a “Canada Dry” Holocaust denier (and anti-Zionist) on the Internet or on social networks
Article mis en ligne le 25 août 2021
dernière modification le 29 août 2021

A “Canada Dry” Holocaust denier is a cowardly individual but a more or less skilful tactician. He does not want to appear as an avowed “negationist” as we say in French, a nostalgic of Nazism or fascism. He therefore has various techniques for hiding and trolling effectively in the cyberspace. This text was written after spotting and confronting such an individual on website, in the context of a discussion about French Holocaust deniers and their peculiarities. But I think this is a much more widespread attitude, which cannot be reduced to this despicable academic whose name I will not even quote.

P.S. : The use of the “Canada Dry” metaphor in my title alludes to a famous advertisement for that brand (“it has the colour of alcohol, the taste of alcohol, but contains no alcohol”) and in no way implies that there is, at least as far as I know, the slightest commercial or political link between this beverage and Holocaust deniers. :=)

(New version modified on 29th August 2021)