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From the sloppy humanist “Black-White-Beur ” slogan of the 1980s to the so-called “social race” : confusion grows among Gallic leftists.
Article mis en ligne le 17 janvier 2018
dernière modification le 19 janvier 2018

This article was written in 2015, because there were many debates around the “March for Dignity and Against Racism” supported by Angela Davis and organized in Paris on October 31, 2015, by several groups including the PIR . I slightly changed the text in this English version to include some additional remarks.
Following the academic partisans of cultural, decolonial and post-colonial studies who use concepts like “Black,” “White,” “non-White” and “people of color”, Gallic leftists think that they can play with old racist phenotypes under a cultural disguise and appear as “radical” and innovative – a lethal illusion and a self-destructive political regression in front of the rise of neo-populist and far-right parties and ideologies.