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The National Front and French working class (2015) Part 1

Until now, the National Front has never succeeded to form its own party or permanent trade union structures among the working class or even among other classes like the traditional petty-bourgeoisie (shopkeepers, craftsmen, etc.). In the 1990s, it had a policemen’s trade union for a few years (1995-1998) but it was banned. The National Front tried to build trade unions in public transports in Paris and Lyon (1996), in prisons (1996-1998) among post office workers, tenants, teachers and small bosses, but all these projects failed. So its members were obliged to enter the most reactionary – scab, right Christian or anti-Communist – trade unions with little success. Apparently, during the last ten years, they recruited some militants inside the CGT, former Communist Party trade union. This evolution was revealed when these militants announced their candidacy for last municipal elections.

Article mis en ligne le 25 mai 2017