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Some statistics about Islam and other religions
Article mis en ligne le 18 mai 2017

Officially, France has around 62 million inhabitants including 42 million Catholics, 600 000 Jews, 900 000 Protestants and 5 million Muslims. Are these numbers trustworthy ?
Absolutely not. For a very simple reason : it is illegal to inquire about the so-called “race” or religion of any person living on the French soil. Demographers are obliged to ask a special permission to the state ; they can work only for a limited time and on a limited scale of population. If we consider the number of Jews, for example, only a minority of them are religious. The vast majority has only a vague feeling of belonging to the Jewish people, and they go once a year – being optimistic – to the synagogue.
What about the Muslims ? If we believe most journalists and politicians (not to speak of Le Pen and its extremist National Front) the most common figure turns around 5-6 million Muslims who supposedly are all devoted to their religion. Nevertheless, a demographer specialized in immigration studies, Michele Tribalat, estimates that there are three million Muslims in France and that only 20% follow all the prescriptions of Islam. (33% pray every day, 20% go to the mosk on Friday, and 70% observe a strict fasting during the month of Ramadan). The statistics vary a lot according to the nationalities involved.
Religious practice for Muslims :
29 % of the Algerians ; 36 % of the Turks ; 40 % of the Moroccans ; 65 % of the African Mandés
Among the descendants of Algerian migrants born in France
30 % of men have a religious practice ; 40 % of women
Among the youth (25-29 years)
18 % of the girls and 10 % of the boys

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