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Limits of anti-Zionism 1 and 2

Three articles about a complicated subject which divides the Left and the Far Left.

Article mis en ligne le 18 mai 2017
dernière modification le 22 mai 2017

Starting with a discussion with French and American comrades, “Limits of anti-Zionism” has become the common title to a series of articles written during the last 15 years about Left anti-Semitism and its possible connections with certain forms of anti-Zionism. France is the European country which welcomes both the most important Muslim (3 to 6 million) and Jewish (around 600,000) “communities.” It is also the country which saw a dangerous revival of holocaust denial after 1979, thanks to several generation of (in)famous agitators and “provocateurs” : Robert Faurisson (a literature university teacher), Roger Garaudy (an ex-Communist Party leading intellectual converted to Islam), Alain Soral (a failed journalist-essayist who became a “national-socialist,” according to his own words, quite famous on YouTube for his aggressive videos) and Dieudonné (an antiracist stand-up comedian who became a professional anti-Semite under the disguise of anti-Zionism). Those interested by these questions will find many articles on this subject (in French) on Ni patrie ni frontières’ website ( and, a common portal with two other radical journals.