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Left antisemitism : definition and political functions
Article mis en ligne le 4 juin 2024
dernière modification le 6 juin 2024


Many left or far left militants and intellectuals consider antisemitism to be a disappearing scourge . So why on earth should we lose our precious time to analyse “left antisemitism ” ?
Because, this left antisemitism is unfortunately an antisemitism OF the left, not just ON the left, and because it has existed for almost two centuries in various left currents. It has taken different forms, the history of which needs yet be traced in detail within the French and international labour movement, but one must study its continuities and discontinuities, up to present globalised antisemitism.

“Global antisemitism ” is now raging in the great emotional and political communion of the cyberspace, as shown by the reactions of the left and far left after the massacres of October 7th ; it federates all forms of antisemitism, from the old Christian and Muslim religious anti-Judaism to racial, social, nationalist, “anti-capitalist” and “anti-imperialist” antisemitism. These convergences allow groups and individuals who stand fo very different (or even opposite) views to share the same hatred (assumed or not, it doesn’t matter) : the hatred of the Jew, or of Israel, which – from a symbolic point of view – is the same thing, whether you admit or deny it...

Without such a global vision about antisemitism, and more specifically about the left antisemitism we are dealing with today, it’s impossible to understand the significance of the murder of the young Ilan Halimi (deliberately reduced to a news item by the left and far left in 2006) ; and the significance of the political murders committed by Merah in 2012, Nemmouche in 2014, Coulibaly and the Kouachi brothers in 2015 (which the left and far left have mostly ignored prefering to spend all their energy in denouncing the risks of increasing.... “Islamophobia”),
– the significance of the murders of Sarah Halimi (2017) and Muriel Knoll (2018) ;
– and it’s also impossible to grasp the meaning of the (a priori) unnatural alliances between the Islamist far right, left Identitarians such as the PIR , the large and diverse circles supporting the racist and fascist stand-up comedian and political militant Dieudonné and… the far left that calls itself “anti-Zionist .

For most militants, left antisemitism does not exist ; whether they are anarchists, Trotskyists, partisans of “autonomous” movements inspired by the Italian Autonomy of the 1960s and 70s, “antifa”, “ultralefts” or militants of the old Communist Lefts of the 1920s ; whether they support the absurd and reactionary thesis of “Islamophobia”, whether they are partisans of “decoloniality”, etc., almost all far left activists not only deny the existence of antisemitism today but also, and even more fiercely, of left antisemitism – which for them is a myth invented by the “Zionists”, the Mossad and the neo-conservatives .