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Has Doorbraak joined the herd of the « antizionist » deniers ?
Article mis en ligne le 12 avril 2024

According to a recent article published in Dutch and not translated in English (“Are the Gaza genocide and the Holocaust comparable ?”), Doorbraak activists, who have held a very firm line against anti-Semitism for many years, have apparently converted to the “decolonial” ideology that equates Israelis with racist-colonialist-white supremacist Europeans. This is all the more absurd when you consider that the majority of Israel’s Jewish population today comes from so-called “Arab-Muslim countries”, and not from Europe as it was the case in 1947.

Thus, Doorbraak’s comrades have the nerve to write that “the current genocide is part of the continuity of a violent colonial tradition, perpetrated by people who often have European roots ”, which is doubly inaccurate : 1) no genocide is under way in Palestine (at least for the moment), but war crimes and crimes against humanity ; and 2) today, in 2024, the majority population in Israel is not of European origin.
But of course it’s easier to ignore this last fact, as it allows Doorbrak to avoid asking publicly why so many Jews (around 7 or 800,000) were expelled from so-called “Arab-Muslim” countries, stripped from all their properties, and a good part of them had to seek refuge in Israel.

But Doorbraak’s historical inaccuracy and confusion are not limited to this one statement. Thus, in the above quoted article, we learn that “The Shoah was closely linked to Germany’s plans for colonial expansion towards the East, in particular towards the fertile Ukraine, where it wished to establish plantations as other Western powers had done in their colonies in America, Africa and Asia.” Doorbrak comrades fail to explain the allegedly “close” relationship between colonial expansion and Judeocide ; they just throw this idea in the air because it’s trendy to do so. An irresponsible attitude for people who know better as shown by many articles they wrote in the past….

Have they forgotten the importance and role of anti-Semitism in Hitler’s ideology and concrete decisions ? Have they forgotten that, for the Nazis, the Jews were not a bunch of “natives”, or indigenous tribes, or peasants who prevented German colonial expansion in the East, but those responsible for the First World War, and all the evils of communism and capitalism ? Have they forgotten that the Jews were considered by the Nazis as responsible for the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the German defeat during WW1, the “moral decay” of European civilization, industrialism, the collapse of “community” and “race” values, etc.? Have they forgotten that, for the Nazis, the Jews were “an anti-race”, a bunch of Untermenschen, who had to be exterminated like a deadly virus, like dangerous insects ?